How can become a Publisher?

Mozcut - Mozdream is currently invite only for publishers, our requirements are that you have good quality traffic, visits and view, a unique website, Blog, App, YouTube Channel,..., providing a quality user experience. If this is you, please send an email to us at with your name, email, website, Blog, App, YouTube Channel, ..., and traffic stats if is website.

Members Plans

  1. Apps                                    - Cpm Rates [1.00 - 2.00]
  2. Reward Websites        - Cpm Rates [1.20 - 2.50]
  3. Website and Blog        - Cpm Rates [1.20 - 3.00]
  4. Social Networks          - Cpm Rates [1.50 - 4.00]

We are classifying our users according to the quality of traffic, number of daily and monthly visits. All members starting today (13-March-2020) will be classified according to a member plan that the system will use to assign the CPM rate.

 Visitors per IP per 24h.

  1. We count only 3 visits per IP per 24 hours, a way of guaranteeing safe quality to our advertisers.

 When will I get paid?

  1. All Payment requests are processed daily between the 15th - 30th of each month.

 Important Rules

  1. You are not allowed to use scripts, extension or other programs that change the content of the web page;
  2. You are not allowed to use VPNs or any proxy software which hides your real IP in order to prevent fraud activities;
  3. This golden rule is important: No Cheating / Fraud: If you are cheating us you will be banned. One example of this is using an auto script, auto surf, manual surf, proxy to generate more visits you will be banned.